Remote Stand Signage System


Manufactured in the UK by Indespension

  • Galvanised chassis.
  • Twin Axle frame.
  • Seven leaf spring suspension.


Solar Panel

Manufactured by LG (320w per panel)

  • LG’s CELLO technology to enhance power output, reliable and aesthetics.
  • Improved temperature coefficient.
  • 25 year warranty of power output.
  • Reflective backing recycles light missed by the front of the cells


Electronic Controls

Microsoft Windows 10 pro (64 bit)

  • Fanless Intel Atom chip.
  • Solid State hard Drive.
  • Circuit Protection, Boards and Switching by Worldwide Market Leaders, E-T-A



  • LG 65 inch standard size (84 inch available).
  • Stainless Steel sealed enclosure with heaters and cooling fans, manufactured specifically by Allsee.
  • HDMI connection.

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